#FyeMeUp ATL S4 Ep2

54 minutes

Season 4 Episode 2 of the #FyeMeUp ATL podcast #TheFormulATL Edition featurig exclusive tracks from artists like Boregard, Keem, Lousy Brown x Swigs Mclane, Brie The Vamp, Nesha Nycee, Skipper Jones and Many More.....


Boregard - Interest

Keem - Energy

Lousy Brown - Southbound

Skipper Jones - Limitless

Nesha Nycee - Eyekandre

Brie - Good TIme Girl

JMeel - Official

Dajè - Cash

Young Mari - Shoot My Shot

HeadATL - Long Time

Billy Vietlanta x Flii Boi Breeze - Typhoon

Lousy Brown - Don't Believe Me

Boregard - Fight Tonight

Keem - Closer

Skipper Jones x SunnDayy - Kanye's Lexus


Brie - Love Sounds

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