#FyeMeUp ATL S.3 Ep 4

54 minutes

Season 3 Episode 4 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusive tracks from Jay Dot Rain, Kissie Lee, Lil Nardy, Deante Hitchcock, Div.W, AxJ and Many More.....


Jay Dot Rain - CAsH TALK

Lil Nardy - GUCCI MANE

Que Young - Gucci Galore

Kissie Lee - Crash My Party

Kissie Lee x Jay Dot Rain - Wave Workin / L.L Eddie Aikau

Div.W - Bottom Of The Bottle

Deante Hitchcock x Michael Aristotle - Nothing Left To Lose

Deante Hitchcock x Michael Aristotle - Brand New

AxJ x A.P - 6 Points

Jace Mythic! x Kaedus Hines x john.AVERAGE x Shalom Little - Mixtape Ho

Billy Vietlanta - Whole Thang (Soul Plane)

Supa Ju - Food Stamps

E.Klass x JayO x Pe$0 x Zay Gwalla - Faraway

Illegit Nique x Khari x Merak - Lot Of Everything

John Average x Kaedus Hines - Baroque

Jay Dot Rain x Kissie Lee - RHWM

Lil Nardy - Emo on my bday

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