#FyeMeUp ATL S3 Ep 24

51 minutes

Season 3 Episode 24 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusive tracks from Cluu, PayDayy, Slick Mitch, SunNY, Theo Tywan, Cydnei Chyan, Naja, KayDubb and Many More.....


Cluu - Rockstar (gnarley)

PayDayy x ChrizBeatz - FeelinMyself

Cluu - Who Woulda Thought

SLICK- MITCH - Havin My Way

Elijah Cozart x Jaye Newton - Stay Cozy

Cydnei Chyan - Sleep

Theo Tywan - Sunday Gospel


Hen - FYM

King Elway - Smoke Sum

Ziggy2Playa - Pappadeaux's Freestyle

KayDubb x WAVE - No Handouts

SunNY - One Leaf Dutch

2Up x RnB Zoe - Freak

Naja - Blk Fmnst

K1AYE1 - Gold Medals

naja X nucents - Live For

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