#FyeMeUp ATL S.2 Ep.7

51 minutes

Season 2 Episode 7 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusives tracks from Retro Sample, Prince Scooter, Yani Mo, Rello The GOD, Sun MF Solomon, Rod McCoy and many more....


1:26 Retro Sample - 2 Faded

3:56 Hen - Am3n

7:42 Prince Scooter - W8

10:26 Phresh Ali x Kamileon - Bodies

13:42 Rello The GOD - Do Ya Thang

15:21 Rello The GOD - Playin Wit Money

18:59 J Lingo x BabaBOOM x AJ Bank$y - Finessin

22:28 Yani Mo x AkoSlice - Summa Patnah

25:34 AxJ - Shoot Out The Roof

27:20 Rod McCoy x Kris J x E-Jay x Candace K - Ricky Williams

31:47 JusThoughtZ - Don't Tread On Me (The Willows)

33:35 Suni MF Solomon - Just Another Day

36:19 Aaron (ic) x Ari Yad x Camille - Back 2 Future

39:01 John Desh - Think Of You

41:50 J. Bankhead - Fye

45:14 Gudda - DuffleBag

48:29 Retro Messiah - Let Em Have It

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