#FyeMeUp ATL S.2 Ep.11

69 minutes

Season 2 Episode 11 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusives tracks from Shalom Little and the Whole SquadGobal Team, Skyy Harper, Automajic and many more....


Shalom Little: Soul Food deCypher’d/The City

The Queendom: #QUEENSHIT

Jace Mythic!: Gratitude

Z The Farmer + Shalom Little: Chips for Breakfast

WorldWideWonders: Marshall Law

Sharia Amour: One Time

T1M: Super bowl III

Kaedus Hines: Lost in the World/Rothschilds and Goldsmith

Skyy Harper: Jane Doe

Automajic: LieToMe

Automajic: Verify

T1M + John Average: Pop

John Average: Orphan Syndrome

5AM + Shalom Little: Vicious Games

WorldWideWonders: Ride or Die

Jace Mythic!: The New Civil Rights Era

Z The Farmer + BlackLight: Kick the Bucket

Kaedus Hines: Sonny’s Lullaby

Skyye Harper: Nice Dreams

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