#FyeMeUp ATL S 4 Ep 22

50 minutes

Season 4 Episode 22 of the #FyeMeUp ATL podcast featuring exclusive track from Decatur Ace, YRC Rico Cash, GuyATL x Nique, Tom Cypher, Cam James, Truth Hayes, Kenzie Tarintino and Many More.....


Decatur Ace - Inf Heat Seeker

YRC Rico Cash x Mali Meexh - Just a Week Ago [Prod. By Burna Mac]

Tom Cypher x CSN - Chapter 2 Black Community [Prod. by Cedro]

TRUTH Hayes x Theo Tywan - Day 2 Day

Doud - Mad

Cam James x Deante Hitchcock - Lately Remix

Cam James x Michael Aristotle x Delicia Turner - Meditate Remix (Prod. ADV)

Kenzie Tarintino - What Its Gon' Be2

GuyATL x Nique - Like You (Jada Kingdom) [Prod. By Wavy Wallace]

Mali Meexh - Zoo Crew

NephewCallShots - 14 Ways

PROFIT P - Throw It Back


Rico Cash - Trapper Of The Year [Prod. By Spiffy Global & Burna Mac]

Decatur Ace - Seasons

Doud - When you're down

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